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Dale R. Gibble

for SREC 2020

SD 13

"United we stand, divided we fall"

- Aesop


Thanks for the support from all delegates and SREC members.

Thank you for the opportunity to be your SREC Committeeman to SD 13.

Unfortunately, I failed to win in the run-off.  However, I will continue on to support SD13 and work to get republicans elected.

 I have worked diligently over the past 4 years to get more voters to the polls in SD 13 so that we can Elect Republicans.  We are making inroads to 3rd Ward, 5th Ward and Sunnyside, all Democratic strongholds. We have built a carport for Joyce aka, "The Sage of Sunnyside."  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.  If you would like to be part of the precinct development team, please email to: dgibble@yahoo.com

The SD13 web site is:  http://www.sd13.info



bulletPrecinct chair 2050, since 1978
bulletPrimary Election Judge
bulletVoted in the Republican primary since 1980
bulletPresidential Straw Poll 2007
bulletAttended the National Day of Prayer rally Aug. 6 2011 in Houston at Reliant Stadium
bulletAttended the National Day of Prayer rally Jun 5 2011 at Champion Forest Baptist Church
bulletAttended and supported Foundation for Life (last 3 years)
bulletAttended the last 13 SREC conventions in Austin
bulletCertified by the Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT)
bulletAttended the Faith and Freedom Senate Caucus training on 4/14/12
bulletHonoree at the 2012 Fort Bend Lincoln Reagan Dinner for length of service
bulletAttended Republican Leadership training in Houston, Texas
bulletMember of the RPT Grassroots Club
bulletMember of the FBGOP 10/12 Club
bulletDelegate to the Texas State Republican Convention every year but two since 1980
bulletRecruited 3 new precinct chairs for Ft. Bend county in 2011
bulletBlock Walking for Candidates, Supported Don McCall for Constable, pct. 4 FT. Bend.
bulletPhone Banking for Ted Cruz
bulletJunior Achievement Mentor
bullet2004 Presidential Task Force Platinum Member
bulletAlternate #1 from Texas CD9 to RNC in 2012
bulletFormer Finance Co-Chair of Ft. Bend GOP
bulletAttended Leadership Training in Houston, 8/2013
bulletHost committee for Helena Brown Campaign
bulletProvided Headquarters for Helena Brown Campaign
bulletProvided Headquarters for Paul Simpson Campaign
bulletAttended RPT Town Hall with Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri
bulletAttended Senate District 17 SREC Workshop May 3, 2014
bulletNRA Member 2013 - 2016
bulletElection Judge, May 27, 2014 runoff
bulletAttended the Auxiliaries and Coalitions Legislative Day in Austin 3/17/15
bulletWebmaster for the Houston Downtown Pachyderm club
bulletAppointed to the Technology Task Force in first term
bulletState Credentials Committee 2016

GOP Club Membership:

bulletFort Bend Republican Women
bulletHouston Downtown Pachyderm
bulletTexas Asian Republican Club
bullet Texas Tea Party Republican Women


bulletEric Opiela, former Associate General Counsel for the Republican Party of Texas
bulletJacey Jeton, Fort Bend County Chair
bulletJim Stokes, Former Fort Bend County Chair
bulletMarvin Clede, SREC SD 17
bulletTina Gibson, SREC SD 17
bulletRex Teter, 2016 presidental elector, former SREC
bulletTerese Raia, former SREC



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